Which kind of WordPress themes do you really need?

Hi, guys!

We are working on a magnificent one page portfolio theme now, in the meantime, we are preparing the other new theme for you, so we wanna know some requirements that is most-wantd in advance.

There are some options below, please leave a comment and tell me that which is your most in need. Thanks for your join.

  1. An easy use portfolio theme for your company or business website.
  2. An app theme for your work, for example, project control or knowledge management and so on.
  3. Tumblog style theme for personal blog.
  4. You are a photographer, so a photography theme is you needed.
  5. Or you are a videographer and want to creat a video website.
  6. A ecommerce theme can help you to creat online shop.
  7. Special Needs,for example, a music theme can help you to organize ablums and play music online, or you need a useful theme for your restaurant or store.
  8. Others.

Thanks in advance!

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